Lexano’s mission has remained the same since its inception in 2005 – to create a healthier society. Since then, we have been striving to achieve this goal by helping people get the medicines they need at affordable prices.

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Lower Prices

We offer a wide range of original and advanced medicines for hospitals at reduced prices. Our reliable partners worldwide allow us to guarantee the lowest prices.


Working with more than 1000 suppliers, manufacturers and wholesale companies worldwide, we can offer a vast range of medicines. We also distribute orphan drugs.

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We supply medicines and other modern preparations for the treatment of oncological diseases and HIV. We also distribute orphan drugs.


We ensure fast delivery of pharmaceutical products to hospitals. We are located 30 minutes from the international airport – this allows us to handle urgent bookings within 48 hours.


Lexano specializes in the supply of progressive oncological agents, antivirals, anthelmintic and anti-infectious agents for hospitals and healthcare institutions.

We also supply rare and non-registered pharmaceuticals and vaccines, if there is a possibility to obtain them.