Lexano’s mission has remained the same since its inception in 2005 – to create a healthier society. Since then, we have been striving to achieve this goal by helping people get the medicines they need at affordable prices.

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Clinical trials

Public Procurement

Lexano consistently supplies for clinical trials. We have regular clients and supply them with pharmaceuticals according to the complex requirements for clinical trials.


We are experienced pharmaceutical products suppliers. Lexano supplies medicines with all necessary documentation from all countries of the European Union. We usually provide drugs with a total shelf life of at least 60-75% for testing, and a maximum of 1-2 batches. We assure serialization and validity requirements.


We work diligently and responsibly. After a thorough analysis of customer needs, we offer optimal solutions. We provide certificates of analysis and origin and ensure data traceability.


We ensure speedy supply of medicines. Based in a strategically convenient location – 30 minutes distance from the international airport, we can complete urgent orders within 48 hours.

long-term partnership

Our goal is to become a long-term, reliable partner, so we value our partners’ trust and make all decisions with the utmost responsibility.